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The Colorful Hues Of ZhongShe Flower Market

Our third stop in Taichung and ranked in Trip Advisor as the #1 thing to do in Houli, ZhongShe Flower Market is a treat for flower enthusiasts or if you think you’ll enjoy looking at the colorful and vibrant sea of flowers and European-style gardens. This is another great place to enjoy with family or friends and is definitely another picture-worthy hotspot in Taichung.


the windmills of your mind

Located around 30 mins to an hour from Central Taichung, we originally wanted to attend the annually held Xinshe Flower Festival but the event had just ended a week before our arrival. It’s a good thing that we pushed thru with seeing ZhongShe Flower Farm since this place exceeded our expectations.

The entrance fee is 140 NTD and if you’re after taking beautiful photos, try to come earlier.

@ the flower market
@ the flower market

The farm is divided into three areas: the food court, the market, and the flower fields. You can buy food, drinks, and even gardening paraphernalia. If you’re going to eat lunch at their restaurant, check out if they offer a promo, which may sometimes already include the entrance fee. 

a sea of blossoms

Many consider their visit here to be the highlight of their Taichung trip, especially if you love flowers. The place is very well maintained and the flower fields are home to numerous species of flowers that you’ll probably only see here. There are numerous props such as windmills, statues, cages, and rustic benches and perfect for taking photos.

Of course, we took hundreds of shots. Here are some of our best below.


ZhongShe Flower Market
ZhongShe Flower Market

If you’re coming from Taipei, the fastest way would be to take the THSR to Taichung Station. From there, transfer to the Taichung Line, to Xinwuri Station and get off Houli Station. You may take a taxi from Houli Station to ZhongShe flower market (unmetered cab). Or for convenience sake, and if you’re traveling in a small group like us (there were 3 of us), you may opt to rent a car for a day tour and include ZhongShe Flower Market as one of your stops. 

the message

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