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Xinshe Castle: A Fairy Tale Castle in Taichung

Xinshe Castle

The first stop for our Taichung Leg is Xinshe Castle. Also known as the ‘Summit Resort’, Xinshe Castle is a European-style medieval-themed fort in the mountainous area of Taichung. It’s literally a fairy-tale fantasy castle come to life.  🏰

Xinshe Castle
Xinshe Castle

The place looked like something straight out of a Final Fantasy video game. 🎮

Xinshe Castle is a European-style castle built in the mountainous area of Taichung.

Aside from the main castle and several surrounding forts, the whole attraction comes with a lake, wide curated flower gardens, scenic water-spouts and waterfalls that you can explore.  🌼


Most of the structures are primarily built with red stone blocks.

Nobody knows who or why Xinshe Castle was built. In fact, it was not actually built by Europeans.  Basically, the main thing to do is to walk around, enjoy the scenery and take some photos. 🌼

colorful pathways which seemed straight out of a fantasy book
cobblestone pathways leading towards small pockets of “forests”

Xinshe Castle

The area is actually huge. We spent around 2 hours in this stop but you can easily spend half a day exploring the ‘castle grounds’. The garden areas are really nice.

plenty of beautiful greenery all through-out the park
walking here feels like you’re in some sort of wonderland
Xinshe Castle
a structured wooden path beside a stream

Exploring at the back areas of the park, we came upon this Stonehenge-like structures which feel like the places I’ve been exploring in some video games like Final Fantasy. 🌲

Xinshe Castle
a cool monolithic structure can be found in the middle of a small forest area
Xinshe Castle
a unique sight

The entrance fee is 250 NTD, and you will get a 100 NTD consumable voucher that you can spend in the restaurant, cafe or souvenir shop within the park. Since it was still early for lunch, we decided to spend our vouchers for some dessert cakes at the restaurant. You may also choose to get (cool) drinks instead for some refreshment at the cafe, especially after some time walking.  🍰

Xinshe Castle

TIP: Food here is quite expensive. So you might want to grab something to eat before coming in the park.

Even though it’s also known as the “Summit Resort”, the park doesn’t actually offer any accommodations. And since it’s also quite far from the central Taichung area, you can do a day tour and then visit nearby attractions as well, like the Carton King or Lavender House. 🏰

Xinshe Castle

There are plenty of beautiful flower pockets around the castle. 🌼 This place, much like Taichung’s Rainbow Village, is really great for taking photos. 🏰

The best time to visit Xinshe Castle would be during cooler months. If you’re visiting during the summer, make sure to bring mosquito replants and umbrellas. Here are some more photos I have around the park.  🌼

Xinshe Park
Shaded dining places around the park

Koi fishes in the lake, probably the biggest koi I’ve ever seen.  🐟

For more places to explore in Taiwan, check my main blog post here.  ✈

Me @ Xinshe Castle 🏰
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