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Supremo 4K: First Impressions

I’ve never owned an action or sports camera, and it’s been several years since this particular gadget has gone popular in the world market.  Whether you’re a backpacker, traveler or a tourist, vlogger or blogger, it is almost imperative for some people to own or invest in one. It’s very popular because it offers versatility in capturing photos/videos, whether you’re having beach or ocean adventure, hiking mountains, conquering lands or doing some extreme sports — action cameras offers the versatility and capability in recording these precious moments as you remember it.

Kofukuji Temple in Nara, Japan (shot with Ollo lens)

For the longest time, I’ve only been using my phone as my primary camera (I started with iPhone 5, then Iphone 6s). I also have a Nikon D40 (ancient!) and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 camera (a gift!). When we went to Japan last 2016, I opt to purchase an Ollo lens set to get some wide angle shots and fish lens of our travels, but then I immediately sold it after our trip.


My upcoming trip to South Cebu made me think of getting an action camera. It would be nice to have since we will be doing a few underwater activities, lots of snorkelling and jumping from cliffs! The obvious choice would be to get a GoPro, but I decided that it’s too expensive for me, for now. Besides, I’m just a beginner. So I started looking for an alternative, and my search brought me to purchasing the Supremo 4k.

I first saw Supremo 4k from popular online seller Kimstore’s Facebook post but I purchased it from their drop-off partner store Technopop in their Makati branch. The retail price is currently at 3,680 Php and it already includes several accessories which one would normally need to purchase separately as an add-on from the main cam.


Notably, it includes an extra battery, a waterproof housing, a wrist remote and several mounts for different purposes (helmet, bike mount etc). It’s quite a steal considering that it’s a merely a fraction of the price of several front runner action cameras, like the GoPro. The question is, does it deliver? Or are we buying a quality of the price that we paid for?

The Supremo 4k boasts of genuine 16MP Sony IMX Sensor with real 4k. You can also download it’s own dedicated app for both IOS and Android users.

1st shot, raw photo.


The photo above is the first test shot I took of the Supremo 4k camera. I’ve taken mostly indoor shots and it looks promising. I’ve read reviews that this camera performs much better on outdoor shots (with sunlight), but basing on the photos I took at home and at the office, I’m quite excited to try it out in an outdoor setting. The following shots below are more of my indoor shots.

Supremo 4k Indoor shot
Supremo 4k Selfie Indoor shot

When I get back from our trip, I’m going to show you a brief review of how the Supremo 4K is in action. Then maybe I can help you decide whether it is good or bad purchase 🙂

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