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Nagsasa Cove In Zambales, An Unexpected Joy

Nagsasa Cove Zambales

I’ve heard many stories and read many blogs about these certain group of islands in Zambales, and one of this is Nagsasa Cove.  I was never convinced of it’s magic until I saw and experienced it for myself. Riz is a great trip organizer, so everything was all set even before I decided to join. We had a little side trip to Anawangin (another popular destination in the same area) before heading to Nagsasa Cove.

Nagsasa Cove

We had all the place to ourselves! (well, almost hehe). Riza has been trying to get me on this trip with her for the past few weeks, but i really wasn’t up for it initially. Recent turn of events made me change my mind though, after realizing that i needed a break from reality and have some quiet time about certain things happening here and around 😛

Upon arriving, we pitched up our tent and settled down our stuff. And after resting a bit, we decided to get started.

I eventually thought that a get-away-from-it-all would be a good idea to refresh and recharge my dampen spirit, so when she asked to go (again) at the last minute (insisting that I needed it), I decided to join in 🙂 and boy, i’m glad I did.


We had fun exploring the beach of the isle, playing some card games, trekking up the hillside to see the waterfalls, wading and swimming by the river and playing in the sands. This is one thing that is unique to this beach, the sands are actually volcanic ash so that they are very- very fine, and it’s color is ashen grey.

The backdrop of the beach was a marvel to behold- lush green hills. I loved the wind in my face and the warm waters of the ocean.


Trekking To The Falls

After spending some time at the falls, we went back to our beach camp and waited for the sunset.

sunset in Nagsasa Cove

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove

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Come night-time, we started our bonfire session by the beach and had a few drinks (sarap ng Tanduay Ice!) and roasted jumbo Tender Juicy hotdogs (yum!). There was no electricity in the island, so other than our bonfire, the only other thing you can see are the flashes of intermittent lightning against the night sky…a brewing thunderstorm on a distant horizon.

We then retired for the night, it was windy and cold outside the tent- so ken and I decided to sleep outside the tent. The following day, I was up before the break of dawn.

shortly before the sunrise in Nagsasa
Capones Lighthouse (image not mine)

Before returning to the mainland in Pundaquit, we had a sidetrip to Capones Island to visit the Capones Lighthouse

The seas in this parts of Zambales (including going to and from Nagsasa) can get pretty rough, depending on the weather. It’s best to wear lifejackets everytime you travel on a boat. Getting to Capones Island to visit the lighthouse is also optional. Below is the itinerary of our trip. You can also check out my other post about what to bring and things to prepare when beach-camping 🙂

Jump off point:
Brgy. Pundaquit
San Antonio, Zambales
Day 0 – September 20 / Monday
2330hrs Victory Liner Pasay (pre-paid tickets )
2400 – ETD going to Zambales
Day 1 – September 21 / Tuesday
0430 – ETA in San Antonio ; wait for the public market to open
0600 – pre-arranged pick-up by tricycle going to Brgy. Pundanuit
0615 – ETA in Brgy. Pundaquit; have breakfast by the beach
0730 – ETD to Anawangin Cove
0815 – ETA in Anawangin Cove
Day 2 – September 22 / Wednesday
0530 – Wake-up call
catch the early morning view of the cove
swim some more
1000 – Break Camp
1030 – ETD to Capones Island
1130 – ETA in Capones Island, trek to the lighthouse
*Trek to the Capones Lighthouse is optional.
1230 – ETD to Brgy. Pundaquit
1330 – ETA in Brgy. Pundaquit
1430 – ETD to Olongapo Victory Liner
1530 – ETA in Olongapo City
1600 – ETD to Manila
1900 – ETA in Manila
Victory Bus Ticket One-way P267 each
Boat Rental – P1,500 (sharing/ 500 each)
Tricycle ride to Pundaquit – 100 per trip (sharing)
* Please bring extra money for food and other incidentals*


DATE OF TRIP: September 21-22, 2010


“Take nothing but pictures;

Leave nothing but footprints,

Kill nothing but time…”


TRAVEL TIP: If you’re going to, it would be a great a idea to do it on a non-holiday weekend and not on a peak season- like Summer. That is to avoid too may people and so that you can enjoy not brown- but green hills in the background.

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