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Gabby’s Bed & Breakfast

Recommended by our close friend and constant travel buddy who has deep roots in Dumaguete and knows all the nice places there (hello Dawn!), we proceeded directly to Gabby’s Bed & Breakfast from Sibulan Airport to have brunch before going to our hostel in time for checking in.


Located just a few minutes from downtown Dumaguete and from the airport, Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast mainly serves all-day breakfast and dessert. It is also commonly listed as one of the must-try places to eat when in Dumaguete.


 The first thing you notice when you arrive at the restaurant is how colorful everything is. When we stepped out of the tricycle, I immediate notice the tables outside. I can imagine the place to be teeming with people, perhaps during weekends or evenings? but not this time at a Thursday (weekday) morning. And since it’s a bit hot outside, we proceeded to enter the diner. 


Gab’s Bed and breakfast offers western style and continental breakfast,  classic ‘silog’ meals, waffles and pancakes, and coffee, of course. We ordered Boneless Bangus, Beef Tapa and Big Brekkie. Our meals came with drinks already (option of Cucumber Lemonade, Hot tea, Americano or Orange Juice) and we chose to get the Cucumber lemonade which was cool & refreshing.


Beef Tapa meal
Boneless Bangus
Big Brekkie

From their  blended coffee options, we got to try 2 flavors: Caramello and Turtle Mocha
Both iced coffee tastes similar but the Turtle Mocha is a bit sweeter and you can taste some chocolate mixed with the brew.

Turtle Mocha

Aside from it’s all day breakfast offerings, Gab’s bed and breakfast also actually offers room accommodations. In fact, it was one of the inns we considered to stay in for the trip. (You can check their room rates here.)



stairs leading to the rooms


restaurant interior

The place is definitely Instagram-worthy, and most importantly, the food is priced reasonably and the ambiance is definitely enjoyable. The dining attendants are very helpful on what to order so never hesitate to ask them about something you have questions about on the menu. If you’re a breakfast lover or you’d like to experience a fun and unique dining place, check out Gabby’s Bed and Breakfast when you visit Dumaguete.

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