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Coron: Malcapuya Island

Since there was a looming typhoon somewhere in Luzon, we decided to rent our own private boat to take us to our target destinations for the day: Malcapuya Island, Banana Island and the Bulog Dos Sandbar. This is our day one in Coron 💕


It was raining so hard the previous night and everyone was praying that the weather would get better the following day.
We woke up @ around 7am (meeting time is @ 8am at the DIY office), and it was still raining.
Hindi muna kame nag-prepare kasi baka ma-cancel yung tour due to the bad weather…
then a miracle happened…. at close to 8am, the rain stopped…then by 8:30, the sun was shining! weeeeee!!! 
So in short, the tour pushes through.

We went first to DIY Coron’s office  to meet with our very nice and trust-worthy tour guide, Ms. Judith. The Malcapuyo Island tour consists of Island hopping to (in order):

1. Malcapuya Island
2. Banana Island
3. Bulog Dos Isle and Sandbar.

Afterwards dropping by the DIY office, we went to the Coron local market so that we could buy the stuff that we need for our trip ~ meaning food, food and lots of seafood!mWe bought a huge tuna , Crabs, and Purefoods TJ’s (i don’t eat crabs kasi), and they can only cook it either grilled or steamed. 

After getting all we need from the market, we proceeded to the port to meet our boatman and Ms. Judith. The morning sun looked promising. We are ready for our adventure!

Malcapuya Island

The boat ride towards Malcapuya was lovely. The wind and the waves were not too strong, not too intimidating. We expected otherwise because of the typhoon up north. If I’m not mistaken, this is actually my first legit island-hopping experience. And I am grateful to be experiencing it in lovely Coron, with these two ladies who are close to me.

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Upon approaching Malcapuya Island, we immediately got excited. We were informed that we can walk around the island in less than an hour, so that’s what we intended to do. 

We were welcomed on the island by 2 cute dogs!

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When we got off the boat, we were pointed to a small hut where we can park our stuff.

We didn’t waste any time and we proceeded to have our adventure walking around the island. The boatman asked if we wanted to picked up on the other side of the island but we told him that we’ll just make it back on the beachfront and meet him there.

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And we did finally reach the end of that struggle (struggle? lol). Seriously, it was quite hard overcoming the walk through all those rocks! Just a tip, wear a good pair of sandals or aqua shoes. And if you’re going to be bringing some camera and gadgets with you, make sure that you can protect them from getting wet.

On the other side of the island, you will find a hidden beach with turquoise waters and where it’s nice to have fun frolicking on the sand.

Yes, I did that pose. I don’t know why, too.

After spending around 45 minutes swimming in this area, we proceeded to walk towards the beachfront of the island (just a short walk), and changed again into some drier clothes. We are now on our way to our next island: BANANA ISLAND 💕 🍌🍌🍌

a change of clothes
walking to the front beach of Malcapuya
Malcapuya Island, Coron

Coron: Banana Island


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