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Coron Birthday Getaway

I looked forward to having my natal day celebration out of town this year so when Daisy asked me if i wanted to go to Coron on a trip this October, I did not hesitate and immediately said yes.


I booked tickets for me and Lei at the cheapest available price with ZestAir, 970 lng roundtrip (O-ha!). Supposed to be, 14 kame sa trip na ‘to. Kaso nagback-out yung 11… kasi pano ba naman, the weekend prior to our trip ay naghasik ng lagim si typhoon Ondoy…AND to make things worse, THE DAY of our flight to Coron was the predicted touch-down of the Super-typhoon PEPENG. Argh!

Pero since matitigas ang ulo namin, GO pden kme! hahaha.

Lei slept over at my place, sabay kami pumunta sa airport, Rizza is in a separate flight. Pansin co sa airport pa lang, andaming “nobadeh-nobadeh batchuh!” (alam nio na yon) hehehe.


Luckily, Palawan was barely affected by the approaching super typhoon. The only thing which made me feel that there’s a weather disturbance was the turbulent ride going to Busuanga. As in, turbulence kung turbulence! akala ko time ko na. Bigla akong napadasal hahaha at nakakapit na kame ni Lei sa seats namen… pero actually, everytime na nagdidip yung plane, tawa lang kami ng tawa. Parang roller coaster kasi… samantala yung mga koreans sa other seat eh putlang putla na. Haha, laughtrip talaga. (but seriously we were freaking scared talaga!)

Rizza met us at the Busuanga Airport (she arrived about an hour earlier) then we took the lodge shuttle directly to our hotel. Nakakatuwa kasi yung daan papunta sa town ng Coron, very Bucolic (cows,green pasteurs, ducks and all, hehe).

Coron Village Lodge
Coron Village Lodge

Coron Village Lodge

We stayed at Coron Village Lodge (check out my review here), very nice cozy place—not to mention the staff there we’re very accommodating. They also have their own restaurant which also looks like a small museum of sorts, housing collections or Marushka dolls, plates, thimbles, posters of Bob Marley, and various antiques that are very interesting to muse upon. Of course, the music is vereeeee nice…puro Bob Marley! haha. It’s either that, or Bob Marley remakes by various artist. nice talaga ng ambiance. We had our first full meal (lunch) here <3

We fixed our stuff and settled down… nice rooms they got. May hot shower, air-conditioning, cable TV and my fave—free unlimited coffee hehehe.

We had lunch, took some photos and decided to go downtown and explore the port, also to buy Prawns in the local market.

AT around 6-ish, we went to Maquinit hot springs to warm our bodies (naks). It was drizzling (friday evening-Pepeng’s touchdown supposedly). We know the rain is just “hanging habagat” and besides, it was perfect combination-hot springs plus cold rain…salappp. hehehe

Maquinit Hot Springs
Maquinit Hot Springs

The next day would be the start of our island hopping tour. We will be exploring Coron for 4 days.


Coron: Malcapuya Island



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