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CasaMaRa Mansion: A Rustic Escape In Tagaytay

Located just a short drive from Metro Manila if you’re craving for a quick escape from the bustling of the city, CasaMaRa in Tagaytay can satisfy your rustic longings and provide you with some semblance of peace and quiet~ even if just for a weekend.

the front porch of CasaMara
the front porch of CasaMaRa
the driveway area, shot taken from the balcony upstairs

What We loved About CasaMaRa

The rustic charm and quiet surrounding is definitely a respite from the chaos of Manila. Aside from the main CasaMaRa mansion, there are several other ‘units’ that belongs to the same compound and is excellent for smaller groups. Since there were 10 of us on this trip, we booked the main Mansion which is big enough for up to 12 people.

the dining area
the living room area
the loft area


The sleeping area is a loft set-up where there are 8 beds and 2 mattresses. The 2nd level is one big loft, and the beds are distributed on both sides of the loft area. If two single beds are pushed together, it can comfortably sleep 3 people. The veranda/balcony on the 2nd floor is easily accessible from the bedroom areas.

Pets are allowed in CasaMaRa, so we were able to bring along our pet dog, and to our delight, there are house cats in the vicinity of the compound. The cats freely roam around the house, and this is great if you’re a cat-lover. If you’re not fond of cats, don’t worry because they’re not bothersome. Just take note if anybody in your group is allergic. Otherwise, this shouldn’t take away from the beauty of the place.

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There are a full kitchen and dining area, and you can save money by cooking instead of dining out. For dinner,  we prepared gourmet burgers and my specialty pasta. Then for breakfast, we had bacon and eggs and whatever that was left from the night before.

After our dinner, we had our socials, and as listed in their AirBnb profile, house parties are not allowed in CasaMaRa, but a few drinks wouldn’t hurt if it won’t be too noisy.

Our host Raul, though we didn’t meet him in person, was gracious enough to extend us into a late check-out of 1 PM. He is straightforward to communicate with, and he’s also very responsive to messages.

living room area which leads out to the veranda/patio


breakfast is ready!
bacon and eggs for breakfast
bacon and eggs for breakfast

We recommend CasaMaRa especially for big groups and if you want to experience a unique staycation which doesn’t cost too much expense.


  1. There’s no wifi in CasaMara and for us, this adds to its charm. If you do need to be ‘connected’ when staying here, make sure you bring your own portable wifi.
  2. The water heater warms up unto ‘lukewarm’, this is fine with us but others may prefer a ‘more intense’ temperature.
  3. Sometimes, there’s no water on the 2nd level. Just tell the caretaker so that they’ll make adjustments in their water source.
  4. Again, there are cats in the vicinity of the compound and they come in and out of the units. We didn’t mind this, in fact- we find it lovely.
  5. If you’re a mosquito magnet or loathe bugs, bring repellent lotions. The caretakers install anti-mosquito devices but only on the 2nd level where the sleeping areas are.
  6. For groups, it’s better to bring paper plates and plastic cups (and utensils) so that there wouldn’t be too much dish-washing to be done after dining.


And lastly, enjoy the peace and quiet of this accommodation. I know we did!

For more info, you can learn more about CasaMara by click on the link for their airbnb and website.

CasaMara, Tagaytay, Philippines.
Address213 Santa Rosa – Tagaytay Rd, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite

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