We arrived in Dumaguete around past 10 in the morning. There’s 6 of us in this particular trip, of which two would arrive later in the afternoon. Lei and Isen was ahead of our flight, but we went altogether to the airport earlier, had some breakfast, and said we’ll text each other upon landing in Dumaguete.  While the weather in Manila is a bit on the rainy side, we were greeted by the sun once we were airborne on the plane. The clouds were gorgeous. I kept taking pictures.

Upon arriving in Dumaguete, Lei messaged me and told me that they were hanging out in a bar just in front of the airport. Beer this early? I thought. I wasn’t wrong.

Beer at the airport
Beer at the airport

It’s called the FinishLine Cafe. The place has a certain “pirate ship” theme to it, and I understand why people would like it. The reggae music is a huge plus, kinda sets the theme for our particular vacation too (Lei and I are casual reggae fans lol). Turns out that they have quite a following in Dumaguete. I figure that if you needed to wait or rendezvous at Sibulan airport, this resto-bar is a decent hang-out for killing time. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to stay as we were set out to have brunch at Gab’s Bed & Breakfast which is closer to downtown.

The Finishline Cafe @ Sibulan Airport

We proceeded to walk out of the airport premises. It was scorching hot by this time, and we were looking forward to relaxing inside a nice, air-conditioned place. Plus a nice, full meal, of course.


walking towards National Road from the airport
walking towards National Road from the airport

TIP # 1: If you walk out towards the main road (called National Road) and fare a trike from that main avenue, you’ll only be paying 20php per head towards downtown Dumaguete. 

TIP # 2: Tricycle is the main public means of transport in Dumaguete.




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