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Arca’s Yard: A Cool & Rustic Dining Experience

For our recent holiday vacation, we discovered this wonderful restaurant called Arca’s Yard nestled just 10-15 minute drive away from Session road in Baguio City.

The balcony area

Arca’s Yard is definitely a ‘date place’, and I don’t mean that just the romantic sense. Bring your partner, your friends, your family~ and I’ll say this is one of a must-see place to check out if ever you find yourself in Baguio City.  It’s charm lies in its warm interiors, awesome views, nice-tasting variety of food (even the chef in our party appreciated it) ~ all without being too pricey.


 Lovely is the word! The interiors and  set pieces  alone of Arca’s Yard is reason enough to check out this place. The restaurant feels very homey, with its gorgeous wood dining furnitures and artsy displays, it makes you excited to dine here. Every nook and corner of this place is a joy.

Cozy, spacious and  artsy; mix that with Baguio’s cool weather that makes for a memorable dining experience.


It gets better! The diner has a 2nd level and it comes with a small library and you can read a book you like while having coffee or dessert.

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We chose to sit on the veranda side of the restaurant because we'd like to enjoy the view and the cool air of the mountains.
We chose to sit at the outdoor veranda  of the restaurant overlooking the mountains because we’d like to enjoy the view and feel the cool air.

Since we were here for breakfast, Henry ordered Hungarian Sausage with eggs and bacon strips plus Lemon Grass Tea; while I wanted to try out one of their bestseller which is the Crispy-Lemon Orange Chicken plus Frothy Coffee on the side.  Then we had Arca’s Blueberry Cheesecake for dessert.


Crispy Lemon Orange Chicken
Crispy Lemon Orange Chicken

Being a chicken meat lover, I was determined to try their Crispy Lemon Orange Chicken since it is also one of their house signatures. I LOVED IT. The chicken is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The orange taste is not that sour, just a bit tangy and it didn’t turn me off (I’m not fond of sour tasting food). Overall, it is tasty and a must-try- especially if- like me, you prefer chicken over any other meat.

Hungarian Sausage with Egg & Bacon Strips

Henry’s dish was the Hungarian Sausage with Egg & Bacon strips. The Sausage tastes just okay, and the bacon is not sweetened or honey-cured, it is smoked. The egg, I presume – is a native egg, and we ordered it well-done. All in all, Henry was satisfied with the meal he had, also it’s not expensive so it’s pretty good value for the price.


Arca's Yard Blueberry Cheesecake
Arca’s Yard Blueberry Cheesecake

For Dessert, we went ahead and ordered their house Blueberry Cheesecake/pie. Okay, so as a dessert-lover, this is probably one of the best blueberry cheesecakes I’ve had.  It’s nice to have with coffee, too.

On a second recent visit with family, we also got to try their own version of ginataang bilo-bilo and it is good.

A TRAVEL TIP: Come to this place for breakfast at around 8-9AM. There are fewer people and you can choose which corner of the restaurant you’d want to have your meal.

The view,  the decor, the ambiance, combined with the tasty food they serve and anybody would definitely recommend people they know to try out this place. Arca’s Yard is a beautiful diner, definitely photogenic and instagram-worthy, mix that with a great price-point and we have a nice place here that you might want to visit again and again whenever you’re in Baguio.


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From the city proper or anywhere in Baguio, take a cab going to Ambuklao Road (tell the driver it’s near APTS which stands for Asia-Pacific Theological Seminary). Fare from downtown is less than a hundred bucks. To make a reservation, you can call 074-4429706 or 09228251880. They also have a single room for rent which is good enough for a small group of 5-6 people, but if you want to stay here, make a reservation months or weeks before your arrival because it is very much in demand.



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