Around 10 minutes walk from the Taichung Railway Station, the Kiwi Express hotel in Taichung offers free breakfast, free WiFi all throughout the premises and modern amenities. You can get a dorm-room accommodation for as low as 650 pesos a night (they also offer private rooms) and get to enjoy city views from the rooms. All their rooms have air-conditioning, sound proofing and are clean and well-maintained. 


Kiwi Express Hotel
main pantry and common area of the Kiwi Express hotel

Kiwi Express Hotel

They offer free breakfast which is included in their rates. We stayed in an 8-person dormitory type of room for 650 php per head.

Kiwi Express Hotel
The pantry area
Kiwi Express Hotel
a huddle & activity area at the common room



Kiwi Express Hotel
shoe locker area where all quests are required to leave their shoes
Kiwi Express Hotel
clean hallways

The room areas are clean and well maintained. Women and men’s accommodations are separated by floors and then there are floors where it’s mixed gender. 

The shower and comfort room areas are very clean, modern, and well-maintained.

Kiwi Express Hotel
the shower area
view from Mister Lobster's Den Hostel
view from Mister Lobster’s Den Hostel

You may easily book for the Kiwi Express hotel in Taichung here:

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